• In 2001 the design research practice LS Architecture was established
    In 2010 it became restructured and renamed into LS/Architecture&Strategies
  • Principal: Lina Stergiou
  • Type of projects:  urbanism, building, interior and installation environments, objects
  • Nature of practice: inventive design approach, research-oriented experimentation, sustainability
  • Vision: inventive ecology
  • Philosophy of design: low budget innovative solutions, recyclable materials, eco-friendly design
  • Previous professional experience: Santiago Calatrava architects, New York; Prof. John Johansen, New York; H. Bougadelis & associate architects, Athens; K.Kiriakidis & associate architects, Athens; Reinhold Kargel & associate architects, Darmstadt, Germany. Stergiou has been the project manager and/or designer of such public buildings as School, Church, Police station in Bad-Homburg, Heppenheim and Darmstadt, Germany; Erricos Dynan Hospital and Panteios School of Social Sciences in Athens; Public underground parking spaces in Athens; Housing, Residences and Apartment buildings in and around Athens


2015       WIN Awards 2015, Longlist, Museum and Exhibition Spaces category
2009       Special Diploma Leonardo 2009; III Minsk International Biennale of young architects, Belarus
2009      Mention with Diploma of the Union of Architects of Russia; III Minsk International Biennale of young architects, Belarus
2009      Invited architectural competition for housing in Prague, Czech Republic
2005      Finalist; open European architectural competitionHousing in Schönbergpark” Bern, Switzerland
2004      Finalist; open international urban/architectural competition “Celebration of cities” of the International Union of Architects (UIA)
2003      Honorable Mention; open international urban/architectural competition for redefining Busan’s waterfront, Korea


  • Unit-by-Unit. Archive space design and management for the new building of the Department of Architecture, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China. Design, construction supervision
  • Hip-Hop-Lines, exhibition space design for the new building of the Department of Architecture, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China.
  • Arcadian Land. Museum. Transformation and extension of existing building into a Center for the Promotion of the Arcadian World Legacy with sustainable design, and formulation of the surrounding landscape including the elevation of the archeological findings in the site. Private commission
  • Ethics / Aesthetics exhibition design. Benaki Museum, Pireos Annex, Athens (with Aris Zambikos)
  • Athens Here and Now exhibition design. Benaki Museum, Pireos Annex, Athens (with Aris Zambikos)
  • Slow Down Rooms exhibition design. Benaki Museum, Pireos Annex, Athens (with Aris Zambikos)
  • Red flower ecology. Housing complex in Prague, Czech Republic. Invited architectural competition
  • Urban Voyeurism. New formulation of Syntagma square in Athens, Greece. Open European urban/architectural competition
  • Topos Coralia. Redefining the urban waterfront in Busan, Korea. Open international urban/architectural competition
  • Public_green.order. Open international urban/architectural competition “Celebration of cities” of UIA
  • Urban Terminal. Mixed use complex of 20.000 m2, Zurich, Switzerland. Open European urban/architectural competition “Building the town above the town. Transformation of contemporary urban sites” of Europan 4
  • New Cultural Centre of Trikala, Greece. European urban/architectural competition “At home in the city. Urbanizing residential areas” of Europan 3
  • Five Component Parts. Apartment hotel with open swimming pool, bar and restaurant, Alonnisos island, Greece. Private commission
  • Blumenhäuser. Housing in Schönbergpark, Bern, Switzerland. Open European architectural competition
  • New formulation of north and south slope of Acropolis archaeological area and adjacent urban area, part of “Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Athens” project for Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Client: Unification of Archaeological sites of Athens S.A.
  • Artificial Nature.Extension of a two-storey family house, interior and furniture design, Athens, Greece. Private commission
  • Modulating Walls. Two-storey family house reconstruction and interior design, Athens Greece. Private commission
  • New photography studio in Patisia, Athens, Greece. Private commission
  • Wrapping Marble. Transformation of two apartments into office spaces for a tenor, interior design and furniture design. N.Smirni, Athens, Greece. Private commission
  • InteriorHive. Apartment interior design and furniture design in Pefki, Athens, Greece. Private commission
  • Apartment interior design and furniture design, N. Psychiko, Athens, Greece. Private commission
  • InsideOut. interior design of offices in Filopappou, Athens, Greece, and furniture design:
  • Unintimate Comfort chair
  • Hard/Soft Cover/Core table
    Private commissions
  • Furniture design:
  • Blue velvet book pillow bookcase
  • TV Dancing Boxes furniture for audio-visual home appliances
  • Silver Thin table
    Private commissions


2013       First Greek Association of Architects architectural exhibition, Athens section
2012       “Ecosmosis,” Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center, Athens, May 29 – June 30
2010       “Found on Facebook” Group Show curated by Charles McGill, The Arthur M. Berger Art Gallery and The Brownson Gallery at Manhattanville College, New York, January 19-February 18
2009       III Minsk International Biennale of young architects, Belarus, September 17-19
2006       Patras, Cultural Capital of Europe – 5th Greek National architectural exhibition “Architecture as a cultural artefact”. Selection after competition
2004       “Women Architects in Europe,” Paris Town Hall, Spain, Ireland, UK and Italy
2004       “Greek Suspense: architects land-I” by Spanish Ministry of Culture. Swiss pavilion, Conde Duque Cultural Center, Madrid, Spain. Sixteen architects from Greece
2003       4th Greek National architectural exhibition “Seashore Zones and Urban Happenings”, Dock 3- port of Patras, Greece. Selection after competition
2003       3rd Busan International Cultural Festival. Busan Exhibition and Convention Centre, Korea
2003       “Athens-scape. The 2004 Olympics and the metabolism of the city – 1. On the brink of change,” Florence hall, RIBA gallery, London, UK
2001       3rd Biennale of young Greek architects, part  of Cultural Olympiad 2001-2004. Syntagma metro  station, Athens; the Royal Theatre, Thessaloniki, Greece. Selection after competition
2000       “55 Greek Designers Chairs”. Furnidec, International exhibition of Thessaloniki, Greece


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Dr. Lina Stergiou is Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China, principal of LS/Architecture&Strategies, a design research laboratory, and co-founder and creative director of 4Life Strategies, a non-profit organ for strategically design cross-disciplinary actions for life as agencies for change.

Her design is the recipient of awards, such as the ‘Special Diploma Leonardo 2009,’ and the ‘Mention with Diploma of the Union of Architects of Russia,’ of 5 distinctions in international design competitions (Honorable Mention for redefining Busan’s urban waterfront, Korea), is published in 42 architectural journals, webmagazines and books of Amsterdam, New York, Athens, Milano, Seoul, Madrid, and Paris (Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, Space, Metalocus), and is presented, usually after competition, in 17 exhibitions in New York, Athens, Belarus, Madrid, Busan, and London (RIBA gallery, Paris Town Hall, 3rd Minsk International Biennale). She delivers public lectures on her design (Laval University, CityU, American University of Beirut, Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, Yeunjin University, Busan, Universidade Estadual de Londrina).

Her research explores spatial politics and the avant-garde, about which she regularly talks in conferences and symposia and contributes essays and chapters to books. She is a Princeton University Research Fellow and the recipient of 8 research grants. In addition, her research project ‘AAOproject: Ethics/Aesthetic’ is the recipient of 16 cultural and sponsorship funds (ca. 400.000€) and implemented as an 18-month series of summits, exhibitions, academic workshops, collective experiments and public actions in collaboration with Benaki Museum Athens, Université de Paris 8, Athens School of Fine Arts, National Technical University of Athens, Parsons The New School For Design, and 45 international artists, designers, architects, intellectuals, scholars, academics and activists. She is the editor of two books (‘AAO: Ethics/Aesthetics,’ 2011, ‘Revelation,’ 2003), and the author of a forthcoming one, ‘The Concept of the Avant-Garde in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Architecture.’

She is an international Independent Expert for the Mies van der Rohe Award, European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA), Kingston University, London, a post-professional Master of Architecture from the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Design (GAUD), Pratt Institute, New York, and a Diploma of Architecture (Dipl.-Ing.) from the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (in which she entered after ranking 17th on a national level). She received scholarships from the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation, Pratt Institute and Kingston University.