Bookcase design

Architect: Lina Stergiou
Photos: Nikos Baxevanoglou

This project subverts the expected materials a bookcase is usually made of. The blue velvet, which coats foam-rubber, creates a pillow for the books. The ‘blue velvet book-pillow’ expands the meaning of the bookcase, as of not only carrying but also caring for the books. The vertical front piece, a movable part, suggests a sensitive gesture, to open it so as to reach what is inside. The sense of protection suggested is accentuated by the extended depth of the shelves.










Exhibited in:
2003: 3rd Busan International CULTural Festival, Busan Exhibition and Convention Center, Busan/ Korea
Published in:
2003: Architext (NY/Bucharest) #11/ November ‘03
2000: Design + Art in Greece (Athens) #31
1999: Metalocus (Madrid) #3