Transformation of an engineering office into architectural lab, Athens, Greece

Architect: Lina Stergiou

The interior envelope (walls, floor and ceiling) of this former civil engineers’ office space is painted white, and accommodates ‘Inside-Out’ arch lab’s furniture. Its conference table and chairs – ‘Un-intimate Comfort’ chair and the ‘Hard/Soft/Cover/Core’ table – form the entrance area. Its elevated corridor, of row sheet-iron filled in with gravels, transforms into two exterior benches. The exterior is intermingling with the interior: row sheet-iron filled and gravels define both inside and out. The most far back interior space is painted in green color, as the green courtyard and surrounding area of the office. The same color also defines the entrance door, and intermediate elements such as the semi-transparent low wall for printers. The exterior entrance wall is painted with a warm purple red color, as if it was an interior one.

Materials: ecological white paint, ecological chip-board, white eco-epoxy floor coating, 4mm row sheet-iron, gravels, foam rubber coated with white linen cloth.