Exhibition Design of ‘Slow Down Rooms’

Benaki Museum Athens, Pireos Street Annex
8 June – 31 July 2011

Architects: Lina Stergiou, Aris Zambikos
Project architect: Evelina Rempi
Collaborating architects: Chrysi Gousiou, Antonis Chazapis

The exhibition design follows four main principles:
1. To organize the gallery into three spaces, one for each exhibition.
2. To arrive at a linear movement through the three exhibitions as well as among the exhibits since they follow a thematic narrative.
3. To present each participation in an autonomous unit, i.e. a white box that allows entering inside.
4. Each unit has a standard yet flexible form so as to allow the display of diverse types of exhibits (objects, videos, installations).

The unit has dimensions 2,5m W x 3m D X 2,5m H. Most entrance walls lean on the floor so as to create the entrance to the unit and take on it the information about the exhibit. Some units have a ceiling so as to become video cubicles while others don’t have side walls so as to highlight the installations.

recyclable floating screed, chip-board, ecological white paint.

This exhibition presents Greek artists who adopt handmade approaches and experiment with various materials as they focus on the idea of recycling and create installations inspired by the specific exhibition sites. Participants: Penny Gheka; Georgia Gremouti; Eleni Karayanni; Panos Kombis; Elena Papadimitriou; Apostolos Papageorgiou; Christos Simatos; Dimitris Skouroyannis; Vangelis Theodoridis; Amalia Stavroulaki; Marios Angelos Voutsinas. Curator: Iris Kritikou.

Photos: Dimitris Giannoulakis
Longlist, WIN Awards 2015, Museum and Exhibition Spaces category