TOPOS CORALIA – Redefining the urban waterfront of Busan, Korea

‘Redefining the Busan Urban waterfront’ Korea
International Urban/Architectural competition entry

Architect: Lina Stergiou
Collaborating architect: Dido Tsigaridi

The proposal extends under existing Gwangan Bridge and suggests the bridge’s transformation into a new urban site made out of natural materials. A direct contact with the water is being proposed along with the creation of intermediate, ambiguous spaces that skate on thin ice between naturality and artificiality. An active relationship with the user is suggested, by diffusing the categories of public-private, interior-exterior, or the visitors’ sense of orientation, immobilizing the visitors’ mechanistic spatial behavior. The proposal follows the logic of surgical interventions around the highway pillars with a minimum building mass. 21 islands, ‘urban magnets’, follow the contour of pillars’ platform (14×40 m), and develop around a core, which includes staircases and elevators for interior use and for connecting it with the highways with the proposed walkway on sea level. Islands’ main entrance is both on highway levels and pedestrian paths.

Parking spaces are at the two ends of the bridge. More specifically:

In the Playground island, artificial oases of sand, pebbles, flowers and grass form horizontal and inclined platforms where their high relief creates a place to play while being in direct contact with the water. In the Herpetarium island, the void in-between two glass volumes, the one being into the other, forms the exhibition space. Here a sense of confinement and disorientation is proposed, created by earth and reptiles surrounding the visitor while openings direct the gaze towards the open ocean. In the Shopping Center island, a double glazed wall around the core with a two meter distance forms the center’s shopping window. The selling goods with their sparse exhibiting become symbolic cultural objects against an absolutely natural landscape. In the Aquarium island, a glass volume above the sea forms the aquarium’s tank, where fishes seem to waft.

Honorable Mention in the international competition ‘Redefining the Busan Urban waterfront’.
Exhibited in:
2006: Patras, Cultural Capital of Europe – 5th Greek National architectural exhibition
2004: ‘Women Architects in Europe’, Paris Town hall, France
2004: ‘Greek Suspense: architects land-I’, Swiss pavilion – Conde Duque Cultural Center, Madrid Spain
2003: Exhibition of the International Competition ‘Redefining the Busan Waterfront’, Exhibition and Convention Center of Busan, Korea
Published in:
2006: Catalogue of 5th Greek National architectural exhibition , Patras, Cultural Capital of Europe
2003: catalogue of ‘Redefining the Busan Urban Waterfront’ International Competition