Unit-by-Unit – Archive design & management for Architecture school in China

XLarch Department of Architecture, Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University, Suzhou, China, 2017

Architect: Lina Stergiou
Collaborating architect: Evelina Rempi

The architectural profession requires a convoluted blend of analytical and creative capacities, a combination of various knowledge, methods, skills and techniques. Archiving architectural students’ work is multifaceted. This archive space includes studio work (models, posters, folios), written research (essays, exam papers), digital and hand-made work, 2d and 3d products, and derives from the dimensions of a box (44.5cm D x 34cm W x 33cm H). This dimension generates the central, long steel-cabinets, which includes all of the above besides models, which are archived in the perimetrical glass shelves. The glass walls serve as the Department’s exhibition space.